Twente Alumni Lectures

UT is visiting you this spring!

(Update 19-03-2020) As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, we in are in the process of organising ourselves for a longer period of improvisation and inconvenience. Therefore, the future of among others planned events is uncertain. However, we are sorry to announce that the remaining Twente Alumni Lectures, planned in March and April, are postponed. Instead, UT is visiting you this fall! All lectures are being rescheduled for this fall. As soon as more is know, we will share this with you.

Eight researchers of the University of Twente will travel across the country and abroad to share the recent developments within their field with UT alumni. This year they visit eight cities, so one of the lectures must be close to your hometown!

High Tech Human Touch: using technology to solve the current global societal challenges, that is what UT researchers are working on everyday. Technological innovations, but always with the needs of people, companies and society in mind. Regardless of their jobs or working field, the worldwide community of 50.000 UT alumni also contributes to these solutions. Having researchers and alumni share their knowledge could be of great added value in solving these demanding challenges. By inspiring ourselves as UT community, we will come closer to finding solutions. So join us!

It felt like being back at university! But then just around the corner.

Visitor Twente Alumni Lectures 2019

This year, the researchers visit Aachen, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Eindhoven, Groningen, Münster, Rotterdam, and Utrecht. Subjects range from lab-on-a-chip to sustainable packaging and from (bio)artificial organs to primordial soup. See you there!

Looking back on 2019

In 2019, seven researchers traveld across the country. Click on the picture to get an impression of last year's lectures.