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On 14 September 1964, three years after the institute was founded, a cohort of around 200 students began their studies at “Technische Hogeschool Twente” (Twente Technical College).

62 years and 60,000 alumni later, we have a rich history to look back on. Administrative decisions, developments in the community, memorable events and the efforts of a lot of different key persons are the building blocks that have made the University of Twente into an entrepreneurial university that’s not just High Tech, but that also makes room for the Human Touch. We’ve selected the most relevant building blocks to add to the University of Twente canon as ‘windows’ into our back story.

The canon is constantly evolving and is open to debate and discussion. Is there an event, feature or key person you think should be included? Add your own story!

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All members of the University of Twente community can add, so alumni, staff and students.

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Each story, event or person that has made the University of Twente into the entrepreneurial university it is today.

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Fill out the form below. Your story will be send to the Alumni Office. Then, a decision will be made whether the story is put online.

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