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S.V. Arago - Alumni Network Drink

As you could read in the last alumni edition of the Focus, the alumni committee 'Impuls' was restarted this year, by and for alumni. The aim of Impuls is to bring Applied Physics alumni from Enschede into contact with each other, to facilitate contact between alumni and students, and to keep them informed of recent developments within Arago and the study programme.

The first concrete activity will soon take place: a networking drink. Because contacts are somewhat watered down with many, and those who do know each other probably have a lot to talk about, we want to offer you ample opportunity to do so while enjoying a drink. The networking drink will take place on Saturday 18 March and will start at 19:00 in the current reception room of Arago, the TAP, in Enschede. We will provide some icebreakers here and the setting will be informal.

In addition to the opportunity to see old acquaintances and meet new people, we also want to use this moment to discover what alumni need in future alumni activities for the further development of Impuls. To have an indication of the attendance, we would like to ask you to register below.

Hopefully see you March 18th!

On behalf of the alumni committee 'Impuls',

Gijs, Jardi, Jelle, Laurens & Luc

S.V. Arago - Alumni Network Drink