TEDX Amsterdam – Sandra van Aalderen over het belang van neuro-educatie

Sandra van Aalderen sprak 26 maart op TEDx Amsterdam Education. Ze werd gekozen uit maar liefst 80 inzendingen en presenteerde over het belang van neuro-educatie bij leerkrachten en leerlingen.

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Teachers, know your brain!

We all know that we don’t remember everything that is said in class. We also know that just sitting in a class, listening to a teacher, does not activate curiosity or stimulate higher-order thinking. The more actively we learn, the more we remember. Because teachers don’t know very much about how the brain works and because their beliefs and attitudes are hard to change, our education system has not been changing either. If teachers knew more about the brain, they could teach higher-order, rather than lower-order thinking. Since education is all about changing the brain, Sandra is convinced that making teachers more aware of brain science could make education better.

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