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Welcome to the Education pages of the faculty Behavioural, Management and Social sciences (BMS). Below you will find entries to the relevant information about the educational programmes we offer, the facilities supporting our students in their study efforts, and the examination board plus the relevant regulations (the students’ charters including the Teaching & Examination Regulations or ‘OER’, and the Rules and Regulations of the examination boards). Another important informational ‘chapter’ concerns the organization linked to our educational programmes; this includes a list of people you may want want to contact. Finally, entries are included to the relevant UT web-pages for prospective students. General UT student information and educational announcements are available on the student portal Information about studying abroad can be found on the website of the UT International Office.

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Welcome to the website for incoming exchange students at the BMS School. On this website you will find information about the possible courses you can follow for each study programme within our faculty. We have developed several fixed study packages, which can be found in the brochure below. We advise you to choose one of these packages. However, if you prefer to choose other courses, you can find an overview of possible courses for each study programme below.

For practical information concerning your study abroad at the University of Twente, and other useful information, you can take look at the websites below.

Contact information for Psychology, Communication Studies and Educational Sciende & Technology:
Exchange coordinator: Ms Yvonne Luyten-de Thouars:

Please include some background information in your email:

  • what university are you from?
  • what is your current study programme?
  • from what field would you like to take courses at the University of Twente – Behavioural Sciences?
  • in which period would you like to study at the University of Twente?

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