Petran Kockelkoren

Prof.dr. Petran Kockelkoren

Department of Philosophy

University of Twente

P.O. Box 217

7500 AE Enschede


visiting address:

Cubicus, room B227
telephone: +31 53 4893307 


Prof.dr. P.J.H. Kockelkoren holds a chair in Art & Technology at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Twente, in association with Art Academy (AKI) Enschede.

His research concerns philosophical anthropology and environmental philosophy. He got his doctoral degree in Philosophy in 1992 on ‘The hermeneutical approach of nature’ (an approach in line with Dilthey and Plessner). His main topics of research are: art & technology, nature development & urban planning, sustainable design. In his research he focuses the technological mediation of perception and the influence thereof on art and design.

Publications include:

P.J.H. Kockelkoren (red.) (2007), Mediated Vision, Rotterdam: Veenman, 183 p.

P.J.H. Kockelkoren (2003), Technology: art, fairground and theatre, Rotterdam: NAI Publishers, 111 p. (Techniek: kunst, kermis en theater, Rotterdam: NAI Publishers, 2003, 111 p.)

P.J.H. Kockelkoren (1998), Toward a technological intimacy with things. In: C. Mitcham (ed.), Technology, Ethics and Culture. In de serie: Research in Philosophy and Technology, vol.17, pp.45-58). Greenwich/Londen: JAI Press Inc. ISBN 0-7623-0414-6.

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P.J.H. Kockelkoren (1997), Intrinsic value of plant and animals: form philosophy to implementation. In: Johannes Wirz & Edith Lammerts van Bueren (ed.), The Future of DNA, pp. 205-209, Dordrecht/Boston/Londen: Kluwer. ISBN 0-7923-4620-3.

P.J.H. Kockelkoren (1995), Ethical aspects of Plant Biotechology (Report for the Dutch Government). In: Agriculture and Spirituality: essays from the crossroads conference at Wageningen Agriculture University, pp.85-116, Utrecht: International Books, ISBN 90-6224-980-9.