Adil Acun in tijdschrift KIJK

Adil Acun in tijdschrift KIJK

Adil Acun in wetenschappelijk tijdschrift KIJK ... read more


Lijie presents at SPM day

Lijie Zhang presenting his tantalizing work on the synthesis of germanene at the Dutch SPM day, which was held on October 25th in Nijmegen. ... read more

cover Nanotechnology

March 26 - Cover Nanotechnology

An image taken from our article “Controlling the morphology of multi-branched gold nanoparticles” has appeared on the cover of the March 26th, 2010 issue of the renowned journal Nanotechnology.

In the cover article we demonstrate a simple and versatile way to achieve high yield synthesis of shape- and size-controlled multi-branched gold nanoparticles, also often referred to as “nanostars”. ... read more

IOP Outstanding Reviewer Award 2016

IOP Outstanding Award 2016

Harold Zandvliet is recognized as an outstanding reviewer by IOP ... read more