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VICI grant for Frieder Mugele

Frieder Mugele received a VICI grant from NWO/STW. Together with his team he will develop “Electrically Switchable Superhydrophobic Surfaces” in the upcoming five years. ... read more


Cell Spread: electrowetting for cancer research

The PCF group starts up a new collaboration with the MCBP group of Leon Terstappen to improve the early detection and to study the properties of circulating tumor cells. ... read more

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PCF contributes to new FOM program on Nanotribology

A new collaborative FOM program on Fundamental Aspects of Friction has recently been approved by FOM. A consortium of eight research groups will address the question on how to bridge the gap from idealized individual dry nanoscale tribological contacts to the true practical situation of multiple asperity contacts with elastic and plastic behavior in the presence of lubricants. The PCF group will contribute to this program with a study on Nanolubrication. ... read more

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Droplet impact on superhydrophobic substrates

Using electrowetting to control the bouncing/ sticky droplet transition on superhydrophobic substrates ... read more