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Drink at the Vluchte

Drinks @ The Vluchte

Had a busy month? Relax a bit with P-NUT @ De Vluchte, a favorite among the PhDs!

Come and enjoy a wide choice of beers, ready to be picked up in their famous walk-in fridge! Enjoy your time there with a game of billiards, darts, kegelen or simply by having fun with your friends!

Meet with your fellow PhDs, share funny stories, and enjoy the evening! :)

Date: Friday, 31st of March
Time: 22:00 onwards
Venue: De Vluchte, Oldenzaalsestraat 153A, 7523 AA Enschede, Netherlands
Registration: None
Presentation Workshop using theatre skills
Presentation Workshop using theatre skills

So there you are! Facing a lecture hall filled with fellow scientists. They may already have listened to couple of talks and are just waiting for a coffee break! However, that’s the moment you appear on the stage, wake them up, and get their eyes and ears sticking to your presentation, in which you have implemented theatre skills. Are you ready to make your presentations a full success?!

We host Artesc specialists to teach us how to use theatre skills to present surprisingly well...

In this half-a-day workshop you will get to know the basic ideas that can make your performance work in the scientific arena. Discover the secrets from theater and investigate the impact of subtle changes in your performance. Last but not least, you will learn what it takes to keep the attention of the audience and do justice to the content at the same time.

We will provide free lunch for workshop participants.

Date: Thursday, 20th of April 2017
Time: 12:30 - 17:00
Place: Ravelijn 2336
Cost: Free for members!
Not a member? You can fill in the P-NUT membership form and become a member on the spot. Form is also accessible online!
Registration: Mandatory, here!
Registration deadline:Tuesday, 18th of April 2017
Attention: Limited seats are available. So please reserve your spot at the earliest.
BCF Career Event
BCF Career Event

Do you want to find your dream job in 2017?
Are you ready for a new challenge or are you looking for the right kick off of your career?

Come to BCF Career Event on 11 May in Jaarbeurs Utrecht! From 1 January on you could already register for free on our website, so what are you waiting for?!

Find more inforation here.
Biobusiness Summer School
Biobusiness Summer School

Jumpstart your business career in life sciences!

Are you a PhD student, a postdoc or a Master student and are you interested to pursue your career in one of the many Life Sciences companies? Do you want to know more about the business field and your career opportunities? Then we invite you to participate in the unique program of this international summer school.

Find more inforation here.
22nd March 2017
"Ice Skating"

15th March 2017
"Tax Lunch Meeting"

8th March 2017
"Taxation Evening for Expats"

8th March 2017

1st March 2017
"Thesis Printing Workshop by GildePrint"

1st - 2nd of March 2017
"Bedrijvendagen Career Fair"

22th of February 2017
"Dutch Scientist Union - VAWO - Meeting"

20th of February 2017
"Sumo Wrestling Event "

16th of February 2017
"Career Cafe - University of applied science (HBO) "

27th of January 2016
"General Members Meeting"

20th of January 2016
"Ice Skating Workshop"

16th of February 2016
"Indesing Workshop"

24th of February 2016
"PhD Movie"

14th of March 2016
"Professional Lunch Meeting"

16th of March 2016
"Tax Meeting"

19th of March 2016
"Fencing Workshop"

20th of April 2016
"Grlosch Brewery Tour"

21th of April 2016
"Secrets of SupeHero Science"

26th of May 2016
"Career event for female PhD's"

2nd of June 2016
"Dealing with difficulties: Facilities for PhD Support"

7th of June 2016
"Thesis Printing Market"

18th of June 2016
"Kangoo Jumps"

8th of July 2016
"P-NUT Summer Barbecue"

20th of October 2016
"PhD day 2016: Keep Calm and Survive your PhD"

5th of November 2016
"Day of the Dead (powered by La Voz)"

1st of February 2017
"PNUT General Members Meeting"

No other event so far

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