Welcome to P-NUT

Welcome to P-NUT

Welcome to the website of the PhD Network of the University of Twente (P-NUT), the official PhD association of the University of Twente, created and run by PhDs.

Do you want to:

- Get to know PhD's from other faculties and diversify your social circle,

- Represent all PhD's of the University of Twente at a local (TGS, UT Dean), national (PhD Network Netherlands) or even international level (Eurodoc),

- Apply your organizational skills.Get to know PhD's from other faculties and diversify your social circle.

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P-NUT passes the borders of faculties, departments and even universities by bringing PhDs with different backgrounds together to share their experiences and help each other to grow and become more efficient in their work. Our main objectives are to bring people who share similar interests together in both a professional and informal way, to inform them on the important aspects that might affect or benefit their careers as scientists and share and defend the rights of the PhDs at the UT. These objectives define the three main goals of P-NUT: connect, inform and represent the PhD candidates of the University of Twente.

Our Mission
  • Connect
    • We organize many social activities, such as summer barbecue, laser game, cocktail workshop, bowling, museum visits, etc.
    • We also have a monthly drink in a pub in Enschede, allowing to meet up in an informal setting.
  • Inform
    • We organize regular lunch meetings, covering various topics, such as taxes, housing in the Netherlands, grant proposals, the UT Optional model, etc.
    • We inform PhD’s about the government decisions that might affect their position and status.
  • Represent

Special Announcement

P-NUT Against Bursary Experiment

Dear fellow PhDs of the University of Twente,

Probably you have already heard about the government’s plan to introduce an experiment with bursary PhDs in the Netherlands. Since the 1980s, it is the norm that PhD candidates have an employee status and receive a salary (employee PhDs). However, on 10th February 2015, the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Research (OCW) proposed a draft decision to the House of Representatives for an experiment with bursary PhDs. The bursary PhDs would have a student status and receive a scholarship from the university (bursary PhDs). This proposal has however faced criticism from different organizations such as the governmental advisory body (“Raad van State”). Still the minister Bussemaker persists on this experiment to see if the criticism holds up in practice.

P-NUT and other organizations such as PhD Network Netherlands (PNN) and members of university councils are concerned about the proposed experiment. We foresee negative consequences for the PhD students and Dutch universities, which will be:

· worsening of the living conditions of PhDs due to reduced working conditions and financial insecurity from the student status;

· removal of university teaching from the PhD programmes and as a result a poor preparation for an academic career;

· pressure on universities to participate in the experiment in order to maintain a competitive position with respect to government funding;

· loss of the currently excellent reputation of the PhD programmes in the Netherlands;

· depletion of talented graduates from the knowledge economy;

· reduction in the general research level in the Netherlands.

If you are interested in this topic, you can find article published in UT nieuws) about views of PNN and P-NUT on this issue. P-NUT is striving to ensure that the PhD community does not suffer significantly as a result of this proposal.

The P-NUT Board