Open Assignments

Internal master

  Analyzing Big Mobility Data Streams More info:

Geert Heijenk and Mitra Baratchi

  Transmitted reference modulation for TR-MAC protocol More info:

Geert Heijenk and Sarwar Morshed

  Connecting Fluid Survival Tool to the Petri net world with model-driven engineering techniques More info:

Anne Remke and Björn F. Postema

  Vehicular Networking, V2V and V2I communications More info:

Geert Heijenk

External master

  Assessment and Optimisation of Latency for Advanced Services in 5G Networks

Location: De Hague, TNO

More info:

Geert Heijenk

  Improving the security of the industrial control traffic – traffic analysis and classification

Location: Stedin Netbeheer B.V., Utrecht, Delft, Rotterdam

More info:

Boudewijn Haverkort

  Two assignments at NLnet Labs: "Analysis of Growth and Stability of the Internet Routing Infrastructure", "Modeling and Analysis of Hierarchical Networks with Byzantine Robustness", and "Load Splitting of Network Traffic Flows (Multipath Routing)".

Location: NLnet Labs, Amsterdam

More info:

Pieter-Tjerk de Boer

External Internship

  Web-based en mobile applicatie (app) ontwikkeling rondom het Dation Dashboard software pakket

Location: Dation

More info:

Pieter-Tjerk de Boer

Internal Bachelor


External Bachelor