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News & Events

BSS PhD student Hossein Nassabi in UT News Magazine September 2016

Excellence Grant in Clinical Physiology and Exercise for Eline Mos-Oppersma

During the yearly congress of the European Respiratory Society, held in London from 3-7 September, Eline Mos-Oppersma was awarded with an Excellence Grant in Clinical Physiology and Exercise. ... read more

7 June 2016 - PhD position in biomedical signal processing applied to detect sleep disordered breathing

Announcement PhD Defence Nekane Larburu-Rubio on 17 June 2016

June 2016 – New BSS student assignments

New and old available BSS student assignments ... read more

22 april 2016 - Promotie Bettina Schwab

Nieuw licht op oorzaak bewegingsstoornissen Parkinson. Bettina Schwab ontdekt mogelijke oorzaak verstoorde communicatie hersencellen. ... read more

4 March 2016 Robert-Jan Doll - PHD Ceremony

4 March 2016 - The ceremony ... read more

26 February 2016 - Lamia Elloumi received award for best paper HEALTHINF 2016 in Rome

Lamia Elloumi received the best paper award for her paper called “ICT-mediated Community Coaching to Improve Physical Activity” on the HEALTHINF 2016 conference. ... read more

Announcement PhD Defence Robert-Jan Doll on 4 March 2016

4 March 2016 PhD Defence Robert-Jan Doll
Title: Psychophysical methods for improved observation of nociceptive processing. ... read more

Announcement PhD Defence Bettina Schwab on 22 April 2016

22 April 2016 PhD Defence Bettina Schwab ... read more