Checklist final project thesis

Checklist final project thesis





Read the Graduation Guide



Select a topic that attracts your interest (check: dedicated websites) and contact the appropriate EST Graduation Coordinator about it.



(Via the EST Graduation Coordinator) Find a supervisor for the project



Discuss with supervisor(s) about the project.



Fill in the Final Project contract (Appendix A) and hand it in at the Educational Affairs Office. Please check if all signatures have been placed on the document.



According to standard procedure the thesis will be posted publicly after graduation. In case the organisation where you conduct your final project insists on deviating from this public archiving of the thesis, or when you/your supervisor aim at publication of an article on the topic, you must submit a request (with – in writing – support from your supervisor and (if applicable) company/organization) for changing this confidentiality to the Examination Board.



Write the Research Proposal under supervision of your supervisor. Submit it for assessment to the teacher of the Research Proposal course (see Blackboard for deadlines).



If applicable to your research assignment, you need to ask for approval of the Ethics Committee. Submit the ethical approval form, always in accordance with your supervisor. Only after ethical approval, data collection can be started.



Stay in touch with the supervisor(s) frequently. The student takes the initiative.



Be sure that you and your supervisor are aware of the assessment criteria (



Plan the “Green Light Meeting” with the graduation committee timely. In the green light meeting, the student submits the thesis for approval.



If you receive “green light‟ from the supervisor(s) you can plan the final colloquium. Fill in the registration form (Appendix B) and hand it in at the Educational Affairs Office timely (at least 15 working days before the envisaged date of the colloquium).

Please check if all signatures have been placed on the document.



Prepare the presentation (do a “dry run” (!) and make arrangements with the Educational Affairs officer to reserve a lecture room for your colloquium).



Submit your thesis to the UT Student Theses and UT Archive through:

Also hand in the thesis digitally (= MS-Word and *.pdf ) at the Education Affairs Office before the colloquium presentation.