UTYoung AcademyNewsTwo UT scientists among new Young Academy members

Two UT scientists among new Young Academy members

Two talented UT scientists have been appointed members of the Dutch Young Academy. Bas Borsje and David Fernandez Rivas are among the ten new members appointed this year. The members come from the full spectrum of science and conduct research on a variety of topics. During their five-year membership, they make a case for projects on science policy, interdisciplinarity, internationalisation and the relationship between science and society.

Bas Borsje

How do we keep our feet dry when the climate changes and sea levels rise? Bas Borsje studies how we can naturally protect ourselves from the sea. He studies ecosystems that slow down waves and grow along with a rising sea level, such as marshes and mangrove forests. These ecosystems are in front of dykes and can be deployed all over the world. With this, Bas is pioneering at the interface of hydraulic engineering and ecology. He is convinced that we should embrace nature instead of fighting against water. After all, ecosystems combined with dykes are more sustainable than dykes made only of concrete and asphalt.

David Fernandez Rivas

David Fernandez Rivas develops solutions to societal problems using microbubbles and various other technologies, particularly in the medical field. One of Fernandez Rivas' inventions is the administration of drugs and vaccines without needles, or needleless injection. This invention makes it much easier to inject children and adults with a fear of needles. His invention also helps reduce pollution, as some 44 million needles are used every day. In addition, Fernandez Rivas is a guest lecturer at Erasmus MC on new drug delivery technologies and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA). He is also the founder of two academic startups: FlowBeams (needle-free injection) and BuBclean (for ultrasonic cleaning).

About the Young Academy

The Young Academy is a dynamic and innovative platform of researchers from different disciplines with a vision on science and science policy. The Young Academy organises inspiring activities for different target groups in the fields of interdisciplinarity, science policy and science and society. At the time of appointment, the fifty members were less than ten years old. Together, these scientists represent a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines and they work at Dutch universities and a large number of research institutes. Their membership lasts for five years, with ten members moving in and out each year. The Young Academy is part of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)

In addition to Bas Borsje and David Fernandez Rivas, UT scientists Jeroen Leijten and Caroline Gevaert are currently members of the Young Academy.

L.P.W. van der Velde MSc (Laurens)
Spokesperson Executive Board (EB)