Projects & developments

Pilot new feedbacktool for 

Starting 16 March the UT will test a new feedback tool on the websites. A feedback flag on the right side of the website (for mobile below) will offer an easy accessible (and if they want also anonymous) way to leave feedback like (content) errors, suggestions or other types of feedback. 

The old feedback tool in the footer was less easy accessible and therefore not used a lot. Some website owners deactivated the option and filling in an email address was mandatory. If you want to have a look at this feedback tool before 16 March, you can see how it works on (flag in the right lower corner).

Receiving 'your' feedback

We will receive the feedback in a central feedback system, including technical specs and a screenshot. Items will be forwarded to the website admins to solve the reported issues. 


After the two week pilot we will evaluate the use of this feedback tool and may keep it on all websites.