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Upcoming activities

  • Terms and conditions
    • Registration conditions. You can only register for our activities if you are a member or external member of UT-Kring (including its sub-associations). Registration is only final after payment of the amount due.
      For most activities it is permitted to register one guest per UT-Kring member on the condition that the member participates in the activity himself. The guest pays the same contribution for the activity as the member. Even if you are not a member of UT-Kring, it is possible to participate in various activities; you will then receive no discount.
    • Payment. Online registration via the UT-internet checkout is required for all activities, unless stated otherwise. Each activity description contains a link to the relevant UT internet checkout. Some activities are free. In some cases you can pay for an activity at Boerderij Bosch.  
    • Cancellation. Have you registered for an activity, but are you unable to participate? Refunds will only be made if you cancel at least 5 working days before the start of the activity. You can also let someone go in your place; this is only possible in consultation with the board. If you cancel within 5 working days before the start of the activity, no refund will be made.  If you cancel late but have not yet paid, you are obliged to pay the full participant contribution. The reason for this is that we incur costs that we cannot get back.
    • Insurance. Members of UT-Kring employed at the University of Twente are insured for activities that UT-Kring organizes in the Netherlands through the liability insurance of the University of Twente. For activities outside the Netherlands, you must take out appropriate insurance yourself. Also consider health insurance; you usually have to take out additional insurance for this. UT-Kring members who are not employed by the UT and those who are registered must take out insurance themselves. If additional/special insurance is required, this will be stated with the activity. The board cannot be held liable for damage suffered as a result of participation in a UT-Kring activity. If desired, you must take out cancellation insurance yourself.
    • Number of participants. If there are insufficient registrations, an activity will not take place. This will be stated on the website in a timely manner. For activities in which a maximum number of participants can participate, the order of registration applies. In case of over-subscription, the most recent registrations will be cancelled. You will then be notified of this as soon as possible. The following applies to all activities: full is full. So be there on time. Therefore, please check our website regularly. If there are insufficient registrations, an activity will not take place. This will be stated on the website in a timely manner.

We enthusiastically organize nice activities for all our members, such as the traditional Christmas trip, Christmas flower arranging, creative workshops, etc. And for the little ones (and parents): the Sinterklaas party. If you have ideas for an interesting activity, please contact us.

UT-Kring activities are also published in our newsletter