Founders and Patrons

List of remaining founders

Your donation counts, every year again!

These are the companies that remain out of the original 47 Founders, following bankruptcies, closures, takeovers and mergers.  

  • AkzoNobel (AkzoNobel Nederland)
  • ABN AMRO (ABN AMRO MeesPierson Twente)
  • Berenschot Groep B.V
  • Verosol Group (Enschede)
  • Bolletje B.V. Koninklijke
  • Ten Cate N.V.
  • Koninklijke Grolsch B.V.
  • Eaton Industries Netherlands BV
  • Van Heek Ten Cate N.V.
  • Twentse Damast-Linnen-Katoenfabriek N.V.
  • Thales Nederland B.V. (Hengelo)
  • Norma Holding (Hengelo)
  • Stork Technical Services Nederland B.V. (Hengelo)
  • NAM B.V.
  • GE Odink & Koenderink
  • Palthe Dry Cleaners
  • Ardagh Group