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Team up for Talent & Impact: How you can JOIN

The Dutch government funds an important part of scientific education and research but not all of it! Alternative revenue is very important in preserving both the University of Twente’s unique character as well as supporting its ambitions relating to education, research and innovation. Contributions are vital to achieve this and support from over 1.200 alumni donors makes a huge difference.

Alumni based in the US can help support innovative education and pioneering research at the UT

The University of Twente Friends Fund established under the Netherland-America Foundation (NAF) enables us to connect with the nearly 1000 member strong American (alumni) network while also offering you the US income tax deduction available to charitable donors in the USA.

Unrestricted donations received from US alumni and friends will be used to fund two Kipaji Fund scholarships for talented engineering students from countries where the economy is just emerging, such as in parts of South America, Africa and Asia. Students from these countries often have the potential but not the means to follow a study at a university. This scholarship offers these talented individuals the opportunity to come to Twente and make their dreams come true. The Fund established in 2016 by UT alumni and friends has so far benefited students from Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Honduras, Indonesia, Mexico, Nepal & Yemen. 'Kipaji' means gift and talent in Swahili.

“Healthcare in my home country of Yemen is falling further and further behind due to the security and political issues at stake. The lack of expertise, misdiagnosis and ignorance often unnecessarily result in death. My dream is to improve health care in my country. Thanks to the Kipaji Scholarship Fund, I was able to start the Master Biomedical Engineering in Twente in September. This Master gives me access to the best and newest insights and techniques in healthcare. For example, I can specialize in making suitable and robust medical devices such as prostheses. Thanks to the Kipaji grant I can make my dream come true”/ Omar B., 2022 Kipaji Scholarship Receipient

To make a one-time or monthly recurring gift now using your credit card or to learn more about the University of Twente Friends Fund visit our online NAF profile.     

Interested in donating from the Netherlands?

Please explore your options here for donations via Dutch financial institutions or visit the SteunUTwente crowdfunding platform to browse individual projects of UT students and researchers.

If you have questions or would like to discuss the best way for you to give, please contact Maurice Essers or on matters related to estate planning Josine Meerburg