Uw gift telt, elk jaar weer!

What criteria does the Peter Riezebos Fund apply when allocating funds?

  • The resources must contribute to activities outside the standard curriculum (they may supplement the curriculum or be completely separate from it), or additional facilities that can contribute to fulfilling the curriculum
  • The activities must be intellectually enriching 
  • They preferably involve unique situations or extraordinary people (people who, in spite of intellectual capacities, are not financially or psychologically able to accomplish their ultimate challenge within existing structures and protocols) 
  • Lists of marks or study progress are not leading factors, (everyone has special qualities, the art lies in everyone using them in an optimal manner, when this does not manifest within existing structures and protocols)
  • This must be expressed in a well-founded motivational letter (why do I want this and why is it necessary to apply to the Fund), and a strong recommendation from a teacher or study adviser (this person can achieve something that cannot be facilitated within existing structures and protocols). 

Examples of applications considered by Peter Riezebos:

  • Someone wants to purchase all the books by Emanuel Kant to explore the man's beliefs in depth 
  • Someone wants to attend a particular conference to explore ... in more detail.
  • Someone needs a workplace at home because he or she cannot function in working groups or lecture halls.

Applications for a scholarship (student's motivation letter and a brief recommendation by a teacher or study adviser) must be sent to universiteitsfonds@utwente.nl.