These are the rules and information of the review meetings for Circuit Analysis:

  1. The first two review meetings  are on The 30 November 3  December. In January 2 more will follow on 12 and 14 January.
  2. If you failed a test on a subject, in order to do the test on the same subject at the exam or resit, you must attend a review meeting and hand in a report on this test
  3. If you missed a test for a valid reason (e.g. illness), and timely let us know about it, you can do the exam/resit on the specific  subject without doing the review.
  4. If you passed a test on a certain subject (mark >=5), you can still attend the review meeting and writing a report on the test can gain you an extra point for the specific test
  5. At the beginning of the review meeting, you will be handed your original test results. Note that, although these progress tests are not exams, you do have the right to complain about the grade and request en explanation. After you obtain your original tests for the review, you cannot appeal to this right any more. So if you want an explanation, please ask before the review!
  6. In groups (either your project groups or on-the-fly generated groups) you analyse and discuss the errors made.
  7. You are NOT allowed to write on the original test.
  8. Teachers present will NOT answer questions on the work. They will only make available the original test work, collect the reports and correct them.
  9. After the analysis the groups are split up and each student individually writes a report
  10. For each test you write a short report with the following requirements
  11. The report must be NEAT. Messy reports will be REFUSED! The reports must be written and handed in DURING the review meeting Each report contains an analysis of the errors made and a correct solution The maximum length of the report is 2 pages