NEXT 3D: Near-field enhanced x-ray fluorescence metrology for the characterization of nanometer thin films and 3d structures

Project number: Top Technology Twente UT Connecting Industry project (TKI HTSM)
Title: NEXT 3D: Near-field Enhanced X-ray fluorescence metrology for the characterization of nanometer (NEXT 3D)
Executive organisational unit: XUV Optics, MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, University of Twente  
Programme management: Prof.Dr. M.D Ackermann ( 
Duration: 2019-2023
Researcher:  K. Matveevskii  
Daily supervisor: Dr. I. Makhotkin
Industrial partners: Malvern Panalytical


The prime goal of the project NEXT 3D is twofold: realization of reliable 1D profiling of thin films in the laboratory with unprecedented chemical specificity and a first time demonstration of a laboratory-based 3D XSW measurement, including reconstruction of 3D structures.

Shaping our world with smart materials 

The goal of the proposed project is to develop a sub-nanometer sensitive metrology method for atomic-scale resolution profiling of thin films and 3D nano-structures. Such a metrology capability will be useful, for example, for the analysis of the functionality of membranes and the characterization of the structure of 3D nano-devices. On the production stage, such 3D characterization method will be necessary for smart manufacturing concepts which require a full ‘know-your-product’ policy rather than just quality control of components with simple go/no go decisions.

HTSM Advanced instrumentation roadmap 

The proposed research is essential for in-line and laboratory analysis systems, developed by X-ray metrology equipment suppliers, and applied by thin film, membrane and 3D nano device production industries. We claim to be able to deliver a new analysis method suitable for applications requiring sub-nanoscale, near-atomic scale layer control. These layers are critical for semiconductor technology (electronical systems) as well as for coating technology (optics). The goal is to obtain accurate structural information using a non-destructive technique at superior resolution.