Freestanding advanced membranes for EUV lithography (FRAME)

Title: Freestanding advanced membranes for EUV lithography (FRAME)
Project type: HTSM 15357
Project leader: Prof.dr. F. Bijkerk (
Researchers: W.T.E. van den Beld, B. Schurink, S. Kizir
Daily supervisor: R.W.E. van de Kruijs (
Duration: 2017 – 2021
Funding: NWO/TTW
Industrial partner: ASML

Photolithography at Extreme UV wavelength requires a protective membrane in front of the EUV reticle. Yet, the short EUV operational wavelength, the large reticle size, and the high thermal loading impose a significant materials and optical engineering effort of such membranes with materials control down to the sub-nanometer scale. The FRAME project addresses the solid state and thin film physics and the nanoscale materials engineering aspects to provide membrane solutions for future high power EUV scanner technologies.