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Funds for research towards green chemistry Dr. Marco Altomare and Dr. Aayan Banerjee awarded two out of five funds available

Funded by NWO and the German ministries of Education & Research and Economic Affairs & Climate, Dr. Marco Altomare (PCS), and Dr. Aayan Banerjee (CPM), will lead the research for two out of five projects towards green chemistry 'Electrochemical Materials and Processes for Green Hydrogen and Green Chemistry'. This collaboration between Dutch and German research partners will support the technological challenges that is reducing CO2 to zero for both the German and Dutch governments by 2045 and 2050 respectively.

Dr. Marco Altomare's research about boron-doped diamond electrodes for paired electro-synthesis of sustainable platform chemicals will help develop sustainable electrochemical processes to convert carbondioxide to platform chemicals using formaldehyde, while at the same time bio-acids will be converted to bio-chemicals, therefore eliminating the need for critical elements. 

With efficient upgrading of CO2 to methane using steam inside a protonic ceramic electrolysis cell (ECOMET), Dr. Aayan Banerjee aims to develop an innovative power-to-gas technology that would make the direct conversion of CO2 and water to e-methaan easier, by implementing new catalysts and upgrading electrochemical equipment.