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Open Competition ENW-M grant for UT

The NWO Domain Board Science has approved 17 grant applications in the Open Competition Domain Science-M programme. M-grants are intended for innovative, high-quality, fundamental research and/or studies involving matters of scientific urgency. One of the grants has been awarded to dr. Annemarie Huijser, associate professor Photocatalytic Synthesis (Faculty of S&T).

The research of Annemarie Huijser focuses on controlling light-induced processes in photoactive materials with application in photocatalysis and photovoltaics, by optimizing the nanostructure. In each material atoms are moving at ultrafast timescales. Nevertheless, the importance and promise for efficient photochemical conversion of sunlight into renewable fuel are unknown.

Atomic motions

This research will focus on the optical perturbation of selected vibrational motions and investigate how this influences the efficiency of the photoactive material. These insights will enable the development of novel, efficient, photocatalytic materials by harmonizing atomic motions.

Dr. Annemarie Huijser is an associate professor in the Photocatalytic Synthesis group (Faculty of TNW). She receives the ENW M-grant from NWO for her research project "Can vibronic coupling aid efficient photochemical conversion?". For more information, please visit the website of NWO.

dr.ir. J.M. Huijser (Annemarie)
Associate Professor
K.W. Wesselink - Schram MSc (Kees)
Science Communication Officer (available Mon-Fri)