B. Bera, MSc. (Bijoy)

PhD student


Physics of Complex Fluids 
Dept. Science and Technology 
University of Twente 
PO Box 217 
7500 AE Enschede 
The Netherlands

Telephone: + 31 53 4892213
Room: ME 159
E-mail: b.bera@utwente.nl


I am interested in Wetting Transition of aqueous phase on various surfaces in presence of a third liquid phase in the surrounding. Wetting Transition is the change from complete wetting to partial wetting (or vice versa) and the consequences of such transition can be crucial on practical applications such as Oil Recovery. Physically, the transition depends on the formation of a thin aqueous film between the solid surface and surrounding liquid phase. The ionic adsorption from the aqueous phase to both solid and liquid interface governs the electrostatic charge and potential. I study such interfaces trying to model the interaction between them, and characterize the stability of the thin film which causes the wetting transition.


University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
M.Sc., National Research Council (NRC)

Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India
B.E., Department of Mech. Engg.