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“Electrowetting: Fundamental Principles and Practical Applications” now available.

The first textbook on Electrowetting appeared at Wiley-VCH. The book is co-authored by Profs. Frieder Mugele (TNW, Physics of Complex Fluids) and Jason Heikenfeld (Univ. Cincinnati). The first part of the book provides an overview of the physical principles of wetting, electrostatics, interfacial physical chemistry, and fluid dynamics of droplets that control the electrowetting effect. In the second part, these physical principles are used to explain the operating mechanisms of applications of the electrowetting effect. Each chapter of the book contains a series of examples and questions that make it useful for use in courses on microfluidics, wetting, and electrowetting. The book is intended to serve the growing community of students and academic and industrial researchers as both an introduction and a standard reference.