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Congratulations dr. Mishra!

On Friday, October 28th, Kartikeya Mishra successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Electrically tunable optofluidic lenses: fabrication and characterization”.

In his thesis Kartikeya describes the possibilities to shape fluid lenses by applying electric fields. If you do that in the right way al kind of lens aberrations can be minimized or even completely suppressed. He also built a liquid lens device with which the focal length and spherical aberration can be tuned independently, using 3D printing. To characterize his lenses, he implemented a sophisticated Shack Hartmann wave front sensor and analyzed the obtained wave fronts by decomposing them in Zernike polynomials. Knowing these Zernike coefficients on can determine the aberrations of the considered lens. In this way Kartikeya demonstrated convincingly the capabilities of this type of fluidic lenses.

We wish Kartikeya all the best for his future carrier and in his personal life.