Integrated Microwave Photonics 

Microwave photonics refers to the generation, processing, distribution, and measurement of microwave signals using photonic components and techniques. Key advantages of microwave photonics are ultra-wide bandwdith and flexible reconfiguration of optical processing

We explore the use of low-loss photonic integrated circuits in RF- microwave photonic systems. By harnessing linear and nonlinear optical interactions in these circuits, advanced functionalities including filtering, true-time delay, phase shifting, and pulse shaping have been demonstrated.

Key Publications


We explore the exquisite light and sound interactions in nanophotonic circuits through a nonlinear optical effect known as stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS).

We develop advanced simulation tools to optimize Brillouin scattering in various material platforms including silicon nitride, silicon, and chalcogenide glasses.

We subsequently demonstrate unique signal processing capabilities using on-chip Stimulated Brillouin scattering, including  RF photonic filters with record-high spectral resolution and tuning  range, tunable optical delay lines, and frequency comb processor for optical communications. Relevant applications for this technology includes interference mitigation and management in modern wireless environment, including modern radio communications (5G/6G), radar, phased array antenna systems, and satellite communications.

Key Publications

Programmable photonics

We develop complex and low-loss photonic circuits that can be programmed like electronic circuits. We build multifunctional circuits and demonstrate novel RF and photonic signal processing concepts including modulation transformation.

We also explore new mechanisms for efficient tuning of photonic circuits incorporating piezoelectric materials.

Key Publications

Laser and Frequency combs

We aim to integrate ultra-narrow linewidth Brillouin lasers and optical frequency combs in large scale circuits in silicon and silicon nitride.

We also explore the integration of the diode pump lasers in the same photonic circuits.