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Vooijs award for Eva Groenendijk

Eva Groenendijk has won the Prof. Dr. G.P. Vooijs Award for her outstanding thesis research on prehospital detection of large cerebral infarctions using hairline EEG electrodes.

Her findings are of significant value to emergency care, where a swift diagnosis is crucial for the direct transportation of patients to the appropriate hospital, enabling faster treatment initiation and providing patients with a greater chance of a favourable outcome. Eva's extensive involvement in clinical patient care during her internship at Amsterdam UMC makes her the most deserving candidate for the academic year 2022-2023.

During the Technical Innovation in Medicine (TIIM) congress in 2024, she received the Vooijs Award 2022-2023, which is accompanied by a prize of 1,000 euros.

Eva Groenendijk received the award for her thesis research in the Technical Medicine master's program at the University of Twente. Prehospital detection of a large cerebral infarction is crucial for facilitating direct transportation to the appropriate hospital, thereby expediting treatment initiation and increasing the patient's likelihood of a favourable outcome. Eva has demonstrated through her research that dry electrode EEG with electrodes beneath the hairline exhibits promising diagnostic accuracy for the detection of large cerebral infarctions.

Her dedication to clinical patient care during this internship makes her a highly deserving recipient of the Prof. Dr. G.P. Vooijs Award this year. Currently, Eva continues her research as a doctoral candidate, further developing the current setup with individual electrodes into an even more user-friendly product that can be applied in a single step.


The award is named after Prof. Dr. G.P. Vooijs and was presented for the eleventh time. Peter Vooijs was affiliated with the University of Twente as the Medical Director of the research institute MIRA and as the scientific director of the Technical Medicine program. Through his emphasis on conducting scientific clinical research and his intensive supervision of clinical internships, he laid the foundation for the clinical relevance of the Technical Medicine program in medical practice. This year, twelve TG alumni were nominated for the award. The jury subsequently selected the three best candidates, in addition to Eva Groenendijk, these were Jasper V. and Sem Hoogteijling.