UTFacultiesTNWNews"Oscar" for Twente IT company QuiX

"Oscar" for Twente IT company QuiX

We would like to congratulate the Twente IT company QuiX Quantum and in particular Jelmer Renema, Assistant Professor in the Adaptive Quantum Optics group, with a Prism award, the Oscars of photonics!

The photonic processor for a superfast and powerful quantum computer designed and built by the company was one of 76 entries from 19 countries and has been declared the winner. With only twenty employees, QuiX Quantum has achieved a breakthrough in the world of quantum computing in just four years.

The photonic processor, which operates at room temperature, is a major accomplishment compared to competitors who only function at very low temperatures and must always be cooled. Winning the prize represents a significant step forward for the development of IT security and the development of personalized medicine.

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