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UT students awarded at KHMW ceremony

During the annual award ceremony of the Royal Holland Society of Sciences (KHMW), eight students from the University of Twente (UT) were awarded. On the celebratory day at the monumental Hodshon house in Haarlem, one UT master's student received a thesis prize. Seven first-year students from Twente received encouragement awards.

The winners from the University of Twente:

Master's Students

Name: Lou Kanger
Award: KHMW Young Talent Graduation Prizes for Physics 2023, 1st prize
Prize money: €3,000
Thesis Title: Generating Kerr Frequency Combs for Microwave Photonics
Study: Applied Physics
Nominated by: Prof. David Marpaung

Encouragement Awards for first-year students

Jinte de Bree: KHMW Young Talent Encouragement Prize Biomedical Technology - €500
Lucie Gerstner: KHMW Young Talent Encouragement Prize Chemical Technology - €500
Matilde Patrignani: KHMW Young Talent Encouragement Prize Civil and Maritime Engineering - €500
Dan Ploesteanu: KHMW Young Talent Encouragement Prize Computer Science and Technical Computer Science - €500
Anke de Haan: KHMW Young Talent Encouragement Prize Physics and Technical Physics - €500
Yme Koppelman: KHMW Young Talent Encouragement Prize Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science - €500
Stian Busscher: KHMW Young Talent Encouragement Prize Mathematics and Technical Mathematics - €500

The gathering at KHMW was chaired by chairperson Louise Gunning-Schepers and Linda Hovius, vice-chairperson KHMW. The awards were presented by Ad IJzerman, secretary of natural and medical sciences KHMW, Wim Drees, secretary of humanities and social sciences KHMW, and Linda Hovius. Each session began with an introduction, specifically for the awardees, by Ionica Smeets, professor of science communication at Leiden University.

The awards were granted by KHMW and made possible by the following companies, foundations, funds, and societies: ASML, Avantium, Dorus Rijker Fund, East-West Seed, ESM Foundation, Freedom Internet, KIVI, KNMP, KNVI, Koninklijke Van Wijhe Verf, Lorentzfonds, Mijndomein, ORTEC, PBLQ, Pfizer, Royal Schiphol Group, SIDN Fonds, Tata Steel, Stichting Philips Foundation, Stichting Physica, Visma Connect, Vaderlandsch Fonds, and KHMW.

For a detailed recap of the ceremony and interviews with the winners, visit the KHMW website.

Header photo: the Physics prize winners.