UTFacultiesTNWNewsInvitation: lecture Trends in scientific integrity, by Jonathan Soeharno

Invitation: lecture Trends in scientific integrity, by Jonathan Soeharno

We are pleased to invite all our UT colleagues to an inspiring lecture about trends in scientific integrity given by Jonathan Soeharno.

‘Scientific integrity in seven trends’

A violation of scientific integrity is the most serious accusation that can be made against a scientist. But what is integrity? Why do we consider integrity so important – as it appears in almost all codes of conduct? And why is there so much emphasis on violations rather than on the - positive - realisation of integrity? Professor Soeharno will make this elusive phenomenon more tangible in an interactive lecture, with current examples and trends.

  • Wednesday 1 June - 10.45 – 13.00 hr
  • Waaier 1

About Jonathan Soeharno

Jonathan Soeharno (theologian, philosopher and lawyer) is a specialist in ethics and integrity. He is a professor of law at the University of Amsterdam, lawyer (Of Counsel) at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, member of the Disciplinary Court and deputy judge at the Court of Appeal in Den Bosch (Commerce Chamber). In addition, he chairs the supervisory board of the Centre for Organisational Integrity, is a lecturer in ethics at the judiciary and held the chair of the Scientific Integrity Committee of the University of Amsterdam until 2022.

He is, among others, the author of The Integrity of the Judge (2009), The Value of the Oath (2020) and Logic for lawyers (2021); and he edited the VSNU volume Plagiarism in Academic Research and Education (2021)

S&T’s month of integrity

This lecture is given during S&T’s Month of Integrity: a month full of inspirational activities such as workshops, training, lectures and diners pensant. Integrity can be considered as ‘doing the right thing’, and it is strongly related to virtues and, in particular, the virtue of honesty. Integrity contributes to your own good and the common good: the authentic concern for and corresponding behaviour towards the well-being of others. Unfortunately, in our work and private life, a substantial amount of us will face unacceptable behaviour. This may include, for example, violations of scientific integrity, bullying or exclusion.

Within the S&T faculty, we recognise the cruciality and integrality of integrity and perceive dialogue as an essential ingredient for a community that has a shared understanding of ‘doing the right thing’ in attitudes, thoughts and behaviour. That is why we are organising the Month of Integrity in June. During this month full of activities, we hope to make everyone aware of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour, offer tools to deal with inappropriate behaviour and start an open dialogue.

The lecture given by Jonathan Soeharno is open to all UT colleagues. Registration is not needed. We hope to see you there!

For more information, please, visit utwente.nl/monthofintegrity