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Five winners Graduation Awards at the Opening Academic Year

Traditionally, Graduation Awards are awarded at the Opening of the Academic Year.

BMS Graduation Award

Gelbrich Holsbrink is the winner of the Graduation Award of the Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social sciences (BMS). She received the award for her research into the scenarios that most improved the allocation of casualties to hospitals during a mass-casualty incident (such as the Enschede firework disaster) in her study entitled: "The optimal allocation of casualties to hospitals in case of a mass-casualty incidence".

EEMCS Graduation Award

The happy winner of the Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty (EEMCS) Graduation Award was Max Slutter. He researched the influence of the brain on professional football players missing penalties. His master's thesis was entitled: "Exploring the brain activity related to missing penalty kicks: an fNIRS study". He even made the news with his research.

ET Graduation Award

The Engineering Technology (ET) faculty Graduation Award went to Floris Nijland. He carried out the research for his master's thesis in cooperation with Prorail. In his research, he looked at the optimisation of night-time maintenance schedules for both train operators and maintenance contractors. He took into account disruptions caused by parked passenger trains and scheduled goods trains, and the workload of track workers. His research was entitled: "Improving railway maintenance schedules by including hindrance and capacity constraints in the design process of schedules".

ITC Graduation Award

Yuhao Jiang won the Graduation Award of the Faculty of Geo-Information, Science and Earth Observation (ITC). Mobile eye-tracking generates a lot of data. In her research, Jiang looked for a prototype solution that automates data processing and helps researchers to discover more easily what their subjects are looking at. Her research was entitled: "A solution to analyse mobile eye-tracking data for user research in GI science".

S&T Graduation Award

The Faculty of Science & Technology (S&T) awarded the Graduation Award to Sofie Kölling. She out researched the properties of so-called 'topological insulators'. These are special materials that only conduct electricity on the edges and not on the inside. Her master's thesis was entitled: "Measuring energy storage governed by Maxwell's Demon in (Bi1-xSbx)2Te3 thin films".