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Grant for spectral unraveling of EUV lithography light sources

Together with ARCNL in Amsterdam, the XUV Optics group at MESA+ has embarked on detailed spectral analysis of Extreme UV light sources, the so-called SUN project. SUN is an acronym of "Spectral Unraveling of EUV Lithography Light Sources", and aims to find a better understanding of EUV generation from laser produced plasmas. The XUV group focusses on the optical tools for visualizing the spectra, uniquely over a broad spectral range up to the NIR. For Twente this activity implies the development of novel broadband diagnostics, in a close collaboration with ASML in Veldhoven and San Diego. This is expected to reveal further physics mechanisms of EUV generation in the battle for bright and efficient light sources for EUV lithography.

Project details:  SUN project description