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580.000 euro for research on alternative solar cells

Most common solar cells are based on silicon. Perovskite solar cells are a cheap and highly attractive alternative, although the reproducibility and long-term stability need to be improved for wide-scale application. 580.000 euro has been awarded by the Open Technology Program of NWO to a new project by André ten Elshof and Annemarie Huijser (both TNW and MESA+).

“The aim of this project is to realize intrinsically stable materials with an excellent performance by improved control over the microstructure formation process using industrially relevant crystal engineering approaches”, says Annemarie Huijser, assistant professor at the faculty of TNW. The relationship between film photodynamics and responsible microstructure will be revealed by advanced spectroscopy methods. The final goal is to integrate improved materials into prototype devices.

The project, funded by the Open Technology Program of NWO, has been awarded to  André ten Elshof (TNW/MESA+, Inorganic Materials Science) and Annemarie Huijser (TNW/MESA+, Photocatalytic Synthesis group). The grant will be used to fund 2 PhD projects and the research will be in close collaboration with Solliance, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Morphotonics and Domicro. J.M. Huijser (Annemarie)
Assistant Professor
K.W. Wesselink MSc (Kees)
Communication Officer (available Mon-Fri)