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MCS publishes in Advanced Materials 3D-Architected Alkaline-Earth Perovskites

Exciting News: "3D-Architected Alkaline-Earth Perovskites" is online! A newly developed approach enabling custom-made photoresists suited for additive manufacturing using two-photon lithography is introduced. The approach permits the production of 3D alkaline-earth perovskite (BaZrO3, CaZrO3, and SrZrO3) microarchitectures with sub-micrometer precision. The optical properties of such perovskite architectures are investigated using cathodoluminescence and wide-field photoluminescence emission to understand the defects and determine the photoluminescence lifetimes.

This great multi-disciplinary work is performed in collaboration with researchers from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoKemijski inštitut - National Institute of ChemistryUniversity of Ottawa, and Institut Langevin - Ondes et images.

Stay tuned for a deeper exploration of high-refractive-index ceramics for micro-optics!

The research that has led to this paper received funding from the European Research Council within the framework of the CREAM4 Advanced Grant project.