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ERC Starting Grant for David Fernandez Rivas

David Fernandez Rivas will receive a financial contribution of € 1.5 million to develop controlled needle-free injections with the ERC Starting Grant.

In his project Bubble Gun, Fernandez Rivas is working on predictable, reproducible, and efficient injection of liquids that will enable a wide range of technologies, such as additive manufacturing, coating modifications, the delivery of drugs and vaccinations. “The needle-free delivery of liquid jets into soft and heterogeneous substrates, e.g. human tissue, has been hindered by the need to reach specific penetration depths with energy efficient means, the break-up of jets that impedes control over the dose delivery, and liquid splash-back after impacting the substrate that cause cross-contamination between injections”.

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The European Research Council awards Starting Grants every year to early-stage researchers of different nationalities. The Council’s aim is to encourage these promising scientists to conduct independent research in Europe as they work on building their careers. The two latest ERC Starting Grants bring the total of personal ERC grants of UT researchers to 42 since the introduction in 2007.

Photo by: Gijs van Ouwerkerk