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MCS researchers received Pioneers in Healthcare Award for creating antimicrobial surfaces in the healthcare setting

Global threat of antimicrobial resistance is calling out urgently for novel antimicrobial strategies. Current technologies rely mostly on biocides which in the long-run are prone to antimicrobial resistance. Novel solutions to reduce the spreading of infections and surface contamination must urgently reach out to the healthcare sector. Micro- and nano-structured surfaces represent a promising solution. However, there is no clear strategy for applying these in medical care.

The PIHC project brings together researchers from the Mesoscale Chemical Systems group at the UT (Laura Vargas, Arturo Susarrey-Arce and Han Gardeniers) and Saxion NanoBio (Martin Bennink), two orthopedic surgeons and a microbiologist from MST (Jorm Nellensteijn, Wiebe Verra and Maarten Schijffelen) and a cardiologist from ZGT (Gerard Linssen). With the € 60.000,- from the award they will research new materials with antibiotic properties applied to metal medical implants.