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  • 2009
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  • 2008
    1. Steven J. Cohen, Cornelis J. A. Punt, Nicholas Iannotti, Bruce H. Saidman, Kert D. Sabbath, Nashat Y. Gabrail, Joel Picus, Michael Morse, Edith Mitchell, Christopher E. Desch, M. Craig Miller, Gerald V. Doyle, Henk Tissing, Leon W.M.M. Terstappen, and Neal J. Meropol The Relationship of Circulating Tumor Cells to Tumor Response, Progression-Free Survival, and Overall Survival in Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer. JCO, 26:3213-3221, 2008.
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  • 2007
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  • 2006
    1. Smirnov DA, Foulk BW, Gerald V. Doyle GV, Connelly MC, Terstappen LWMM, O’Hara SM Global gene expression profiling of circulating endothelial cells in patients with metastatic carcinomas. Can Res. 66:2918-2922, 2006.
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  • 2005
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  • 2004
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  • 2003
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  • 2002
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  • 2001
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  • 2000
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  • 1999
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  • 1998
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  • Before 1998
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