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STW Valorisation Grant awarded to the company Adv. Nanofibers

The STW Take-off grant, formerly known as the STW Valorisation Grant,  has been awarded to the company Adv. Nanofibers, (www.advnanofibers.com) on their proposal to commercialize “Ceramic Nanofiber Paper”. The company was recently founded by Gerard Cadafalch Gazquez and Behruz Mammadov, and is a spin-off from the Inorganic & Hybrid Nanomaterials group of the MESA+ Institute of the University of Twente. The focus of the company lies on the development of nanofiber based products. Ceramic nanofiber paper is a light, thin, and fully flexible  material. It is fire resistant and chemically inert because it is pure ceramic. The extraordinary combination of a ceramic material -typically hard and brittle compounds- that is as flexible as paper is of interest for a wide range of applications. The Take-off grant will be used to perform feasibility studies on these newly developed materials and perform market studies.