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STW Valorisation Grant awarded to the company Adv. Nanofibers

The STW Take-off grant, formerly known as the STW Valorisation Grant,  has been awarded to the company Adv. Nanofibers, ( on their proposal to commercialize “Ceramic Nanofiber Paper”. The company was recently founded by Gerard Cadafalch Gazquez and Behruz Mammadov, and is a spin-off from the Inorganic & Hybrid Nanomaterials group of the MESA+ Institute of the University of Twente. The focus of the company lies on the development of nanofiber based products. Ceramic nanofiber paper is a light, thin, and fully flexible  material. It is fire resistant and chemically inert because it is pure ceramic. The extraordinary combination of a ceramic material -typically hard and brittle compounds- that is as flexible as paper is of interest for a wide range of applications. The Take-off grant will be used to perform feasibility studies on these newly developed materials and perform market studies.