Alumni list


 Name                                                               Thesis

Nisachol Nernchamnong

Electrochemical and Structural Study of Redox-Active Self-Assembled Monolayers

Jian Li

Charge Transport Across Self-Assembled Monolayer Based Junctions

Gan Lu

Charge Transport Across Redox-Active Polymer Brushes

Dandan Wang

Electrochemical and Charge Transport Studies of Mixed Monolayers

Li Yuan

Active Components Inside Molecular Electronic Junctions

Tan Shu Fen

Molecular Electronic Control Over Tunneling Charge Transfer Plasmons Modes

Du Wei

Molecular Electronic Plasmonics

Song Peng

Graphene Enhanced Molecular Tunnel Junctions

Chen Xiaoping

Controlling Nano Particle Nucleation and Growth

Harshini Venkata Annadata

Computational Molecular Electronics

Thorin Duffin

Nano-Electronic Plasmonic Circuitry

Han Yingmei

Molecular Super Diodes

Hu Hongting

Quantum Plasmonics in Molecular Junctions

Andreea Vasile

Electrically driven plasmonic interconnects

Nipun Kumar Gupta

Molecule-Electrode Interface Engineering

Wang Yulong

Electroluminescent Molecular Tunnel Junctions

Wang Fangwei

Mechanism of Plasmon Excitation in Tunnel Junctions

Ziyu Zhang

Temperature Dependent Charge Transport Phenomena across Molecular Diodes

Wang Zhe

Light-Matter Interactions in Molecular Junctions

Postdoctoral fellows

Dipak Maity

Ravi  K. Sriramula

Padmnabh Rai

Kim S. Wimbush

Peter Kopecky

Cao Liang

Albert Wang

Max Roemer

Chandramathi Sukumaran Suchand Sangeeth

Wang Leija

Davide Fracasso

Li Yuan

Jian Li

Tan Shu Fen

Tao Wang

Jorge Trasobares Sánchez

Eva Corinna-Fritz

Senthil Kumar 

Ksenia Makarenko

Hong Zhang

Venkatakrishnarao Dasari

Vijith Kalathingal

Andrea Leoncini

Dr. Yuanhai Lin

BSc students

 Name                                                               Thesis

Tan Shu Fen

Preparation of Molecular Diodes

Ili Mahirah Bte Ma'arof

Mechanisms of Charge Transfer Across Molecular Diodes

Yap Shir Nee

Molecular Control over the Electronic Properties of Transparent Semiconductors

Chian Wee Siang

The Importance of Kramers-Kronig Transformation for the Analysis of the Data of Resonant Soft X-ray Scattering

Poh Sock Mui

Ionic vs Highly Correlated Calculation in Transition Metal Oxide: Fe3O4

Wong Pei Yu Calvin

Graphene as a Protective Barrier for Self-Assembled Monolayers During Metal Top Contact Deposition

Koh Jia Hwei Charis

The Synthesis of Terpyridine-Alkanethiols for Self-Assembled Monolayers of Metal Coordination Complexes

Koek Jun Hui Terence

Graphene Barrier Layers Against Copper Diffusion for n-Doped Silicon Substrates

Neoh Hui Lin Esther

Graphene-Based Electrodes for Molecular Tunnel Junctions

Cynthia Lim Jing Wen

Electrically-driven plasmonic waveguide material optimisation and characterisation

Nah Rimin Casmelin

Molecular diodes based on polarizable atoms

Volkova Ira

Charge transport measurements across SAM-based junctions

Xi Yaohui

Impedance spectroscopy on oligoglycine SAMs

Neoh Hui Lin Esther

Inkjet Printed Molecular Junctions

Marcus Tio Da Zhi

Electroluminescent SAMs for Applications in Molecular Electronics

Leon Felix Müller

The Influence of a Proton Source on Dynamic Molecular Switches

Jurrie Bruggeman

Calibration and optimization of an EGaIn setup through a study of molecular tunnelingjunctions based on n-alkanethiol and ferrocene-functionalized SAMs

MSc students

 Name                                                               Thesis

Fun Wei Kai

Potentiodynamic Impedance Spectroscopy of Molecular Tunnel Junctions

Tee Jing Shi

Energy level alignment of molecules with large dipoles on metal surfaces

Guo Zimming

Generation of Localized Surface Plasmons via Non-Radiative Energy Transfer

Riccardo Zinelli

Exchange students

 Name                                                               Institute

Nuria Crivillers

Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC)

Bart Kremers

The Fontys School of Applied Sciences of Fontys Hogescholen

Alvar  Rodriguez

University of Central Florida

Samantha Lunn

University of Newcastle

Marta Anguera

University of Central Florida

Christopher Coleman

University of Central Florida

Clément Reynaud

Aix-Marseille University

Nerea Gonzalez Pato

Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona