• EGaIn Setup

    The home built Eutectic Gallium-Indium (EGaIn) setup is used to characterize electric charge transfer through a thin (mono)layer on a conductive substrate.

    The setup is coupled with a Keithley 6430 SMU

  • Keysight B1500A

  • Lakeshore probe station

  • ModuLab XM


    MFRA 1MHz: MTS FRA option (frequency range 10 µHz to 1 MHz, swept sine, multi-sine / FFT, harmonics, intermodulation) 

    MAT 1MHz: MTS Materials Test System Core Module, DC and EIS

    MFA: MTS Femto Ammeter (Low Current) option, DC and EIS

    MREF: MTS Sample/Reference Switching option, for high accuracy dielectric EIS

  • Autolab PGSTAT302N

  • Keithley 6430 SMU

    Keithley 6430 SMU for sub-femtoamp current sensing

  • Diener Zepto plasma cleaner

  • Braun Glovebox

    MB20g Glove box. 4 gloves

  • Vacucell vacuum oven

    Vacucell vacuum oven