Hi everyone! My name is Noah. I am currently in the 3rd year of my bachelor Applied Physics, doing a board year at my study association S.V. Arago. During my time as chairman of Arago, I worked together often with the faculty board for small and big projects, such as the new ventilation in the TAP. This cooperation was always nice, but there were also a lot of bumps and places to better this cooperation. That’s why I want to join the faculty council, to ensure that the teamwork between students and the faculty can grow even further next year.

Next to that, I’m always interested in hearing from students what they think can go better or different within the faculty. Topics such as student well-being and study stress are very interesting to me and during my time as a board member I have worked on these topics for quite some time. I want to join the faculty council to make sure that the voice of the student within S&T is heard loud and clear to the faculty board!

Noah van Dijk