Hello! My name is Jenny Agerbeek, currently a 4th year Advanced Technology student. One of the key aspects of our university that I appreciate, is the transparent bond between the students, the teachers, the staff and the faculty. As a former board member of S.A. Astatine, I have gained a lot of experience and insight in the structure and the system of the university and have seen what the faculty can mean for the students.

I am a very active person within the university and I think this makes me a good person to be the spokesperson of the student interest. In my years on the university, I also noticed that many students are not familiar with what the faculty does and can mean for them, it would be nice to be able to change this. Should I be elected, my main focus will be on transparency between the faculty and the students, looking for the student needs and properly communicating this to the faculty council. This way I hope to actively help the faculty in improving the university and the education programs!

Have a nice day!

Kind regards,
Jenny Agerbeek