Hello! My name is Ivona Glišić, and I am a master’s student in Chemical Science & Engineering. I started my studies at UT in 2018. Since then, I have been a member of multiple C.T.S.G. Alembic committees, the Chemical engineering program committee (OLC), TNW faculty’s international office, and l have been appointed as an education officer of Green Hub Twente.

If I get elected, my focus will be on 1) improving education and 2) internationalization. First, our faculty must be more open to external feedback from students, associations, researchers, or any interested individual. If you have ever wondered why don’t we learn how to transfer our scientific ideas to start a tech or R&D business, or if you want to hear more about sustainability in lectures, or generally have other ideas to improve education, you will have a door to knock on. I guarantee that your ideas will be considered, and further communicated to the faculty board. My second focus point will be internationalization. Primarily, international students tackle many issues such as lack of scholarships, housing problems, and job searching difficulties. I will assure that the existing rules are revised, and more events are organized to help international students integrate and network. Of course, I am happy to hear other ideas from students, staff, Dutch and international. That is the only way to build an inclusive community!

Best regards,

Ivona Glišić