Time schedule election Student Members Faculty Council S&T 2024

Polling Committee Faculty of Science and Technology  


Tuesday 12 March

Reference date to determine the electoral register

Thursday 14 March

Determination voter register

Thursday 14 March until Thursday 21 March

Opportunity to inspect the voter register and or to submit requests for improvement  

Tuesday 26 March

Decision on request to amend voter register  

Tuesday 26 March until Tuesday 2 April

Lodge objection to decision Election Committee at Polling Committee

Thursday 11 April

Decision Dean Faculty of Science and Technology

Wednesday 17 April

Nomination Day till 17:00 hrs.

Thursday 18 April

Verification of candidate lists

Thursday 18 April until Thursday 25 April

Correction identified omissions

Friday 26 April

Decision on validity candidate lists

Thursday 2 May until Monday 6 May

Lodge objection to decision by election committee with the board

Friday 10 May

Decision of the Board

Tuesday 16 May

Determination complete lists and publication at website (FC)

Tuesday 21 May

Sending information of elections by election committee to voters

Tuesday 21 May

Submitting information by electoral associations for the voting application

Monday 10 June

Thursday 13 June

Friday 14 June

Sending vote appeal by e-mail 

Sending reminder

Sending last reminder

Monday 10 June 9.00 hrs till Friday 14 June 12.00 hrs

Election period

Friday 14 June

Determination of the results in a public meeting

Tuesday 17 June until Tuesday 24 June

Lodge objection to decision Election Committee with the board

Tuesday 24 June

Decision by the Board