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S&T's Month of Integrity 2022

We are pleased to invite you to our first edition of the S&T’s Month of Integrity: a month full of inspirational activities such as workshops, training, lectures and diners pensant.

The Month of Integrity will take place from 1 June till 29 June 2022.


Integrity can be considered as ‘doing the right thing’ and it is strongly related to virtues and in particular the virtue of honesty. Integrity not only contributes to your own good but also the common good: the authentic concern for and corresponding behaviour towards the wellbeing of others. Unfortunately, in our work and private life, a substantial amount of us will face unacceptable behaviour. This may include, for example, violations of scientific or business integrity, bullying or exclusion. Furthermore, we all are tempted to some form of unacceptable behaviour. 

Within our Faculty, we recognise the cruciality and integrality of integrity and perceive dialogue as an essential ingredient for a community that has a shared understanding of ‘doing the right thing’ in attitudes, thoughts and behaviour. That is why we are organising the Month of Integrity in June. During this month full of activities, we hope to make everyone aware of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour, offer tools to deal with unacceptable behaviour and start an open dialogue.


The programme consists of:

  • a kick-off lecture given by Jonathan Soeharno (Professor of Law and former member of the Committee of Scientific Integrity at the University of Amsterdam, theologian, philosopher and specialist in the field of ethics and integrity),
  • two workshops given by Elisabeth Bik (microbiologist, and known for her work detecting photo manipulation in scientific publications),
  • an interactive lecture given by one of the members of the UT Committee Scientific Integrity,
  • the Active Bystander Training
  • the MindLab movie,
  • a workshop Violence through Communication, given by Scott Solder
  • and two diners pensant hosted by Mariëtte van den Hoven (Professor of Medical Philosophy and Ethics at Amsterdam UMC and member of the Netherlands Research Integrity Network advisory board).

Active Bystander Training

During the Month of Integrity, we especially encourage you to participate in the award-winning Active Bystander Training. The goal of this training is to learn how to deal with problem situations related to scientific, social and/or business integrity by distracting, direct action, delaying or delegating. In this one and a half hour training, you will be equipped with the decision-making skills that you need to overcome fear, self-doubt and any type of intimidation, sexual harassment, bullying and any form of exclusion, based on race, gender, sexuality and religion for example. The training provides you with communication skills to know what to say and do: how to react if you are the target of inappropriate behaviour and how to react if you witness poor behaviour.

We think it is crucial that everyone - regardless of position - in our faculty follows the Active Bystander Training and therefore we kindly ask you to sign up for one of the training courses via our website. 

On our website, you can see an overview of all scheduled sessions. For most of the sessions, registration is required. Please, save the date for the sessions you would like to attend, so you are sure not to miss them!

If you have remarks or questions about the programme, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via month-of-integrity@utwente.nl