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Mulholland Memorial Award for Srinivas Vanapalli

This year's George T. Mulholland Memorial Award for Excellence in Cryogenic Engineering, which is presented by the Cryogenic Society of America to recognize significant achievement in particular areas of cryogenics, has been awarded to UT researcher dr. Srinivas Vanapalli. The award was presented recently during the CEC conference in Hartford (USA).

According to the awards committee, Srinivas is recognized for his ongoing impact in the field of cryogenics. "He is a pioneer in the snap freezing of human tissue which could lead to significant improvements in the healthcare industry", the jury judgement says. He is further recognized for his ongoing efforts in other areas of cryogenics including smart temperature control and multiphase physics of cryogenic fluids.

Srinivas Vanapalli has a multidisciplinary background in both mechanical and electrical engineering along with applied physics. His first exposure to cryogenics, with Dr. Ray Radebaugh at NIST Boulder, had him fascinated with the world of cold and, more importantly, thermodynamics. He worked at the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands in Petten and learned the industrial aspect of systems based on fundamental thermodynamics and heat transfer. He is now leading the Applied Thermal Sciences lab in the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Twente.