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Prof.dr.ir. M.J.A.M. (Michel) van Putten

Michel van Putten

Professor of Clinical Neurophysiology
Building: Technohal (No. 18 on the map)
Room: 3380
Phone: +53 (0) 489 4599 
E-mail: m.j.a.m.vanputten@utwente.nl

General information

Michel van Putten studied Medicine in Leiden and Applied Physics in Delft. In 2000, he received his PhD in Applied Physics from Delft University of Technology and became registered as a neurologist in the same year.

After working for a few years at the department of Neurology at the HagaZiekenhuis in The Hague, van Putten decided to move to Enschede in 2004. From that time he has been heading the department of Clinical Neurophysiology of Medisch Spectrum Twente, a large teaching hospital and joined the Institute of Technical Medicine at the University of Twente. In December 2008 he was appointed professor of Clinical Neurophysiology.


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Research interests

Besides his clinical work at the department of Clinical Neurophysiology, professor van Putten is one of the consultants for neurological patients in the ICU and has a strong interest in developing new techniques to improve brain monitoring in the ICU with a focus on detecting epileptiform discharges and ischemia. For this purpose he uses the EEG as an important tool.

In addition, his research involves the pathophysiology of epilepsy and ischaemia, and fundamentals of the EEG generation.

Besides his clinical work and research activities, he has a strong interest in teaching. Professor van putten is co-founder of Clinical Science Systems, a company that develops medical software for research and clinical application.

Teaching responsibilities