Clinical Neurophysiology Group (CNPH)

Mission statement and research lines Clinical Neurophysiology group (CNPH)

Research in the Clinical Neurophysiology group is at the interface of neuroscience, neurophysiology, and clinical neurology, focusing on cerebral ischemia and epilepsy. In addition, to improve understanding of pathophysiology, we aim to develop novel diagnostic tools and treatments. Our research is truly translational:  from the UT to the clinic and back.

The EEG is a key clinical and research tool. EEG signal analysis includes various machine learning techniques to improve diagnostic values and (bedside) application. Applied EEG studies are complemented by biophysical modeling and simulation for improved understanding of underlying neuronal dynamics and prediction of treatment effects. In addition, we use in vitro models consisting of cultured neurons (from rodent or human induced pluripotent stem cells) on multi-electrode arrays to study basic neuronal and synaptic functioning, identify treatment targets, and screen treatments.

Research lines

  1. Cerebral ischemia after ischemic stroke or cardiac arrest
    1. Pathophysiological understanding: biophysical modeling, in vitro modeling (electrophysiology and immunocytochemistry), bio-banking of post-mortem patient brains. Focus: dynamics of cell swelling and synaptic failure.
    2. Diagnosis: advanced EEG analysis (including machine learning) and prediction models
    3. Treatment: multicenter, randomized, controlled clinical trials
  2. Epilepsy
    1. Pathophysiological understanding: biophysical and in vitro modeling, EEG and fMRI in ECT induced epileptic seizures as a human epilepsy model.
    2. Diagnosis: cortical excitability testing with TMS/EEG/EMG for improved diagnosis and monitoring of therapeutic efficacy.
    3. Treatment: proof of principle clinical trials


@UT: Prof Stephan van Gils & dr Hil Meijer (biophysical modeling), Dr Maurice van Keulen &   Dr Christoph Brune (deep learning), Dr Marianne Boenink (ethical considerations), prof Mireille Claessens (in vitro modeling)

Hospitals: Medisch Spectrum Twente, Rijnstate Ziekenhuis, UMCG, UMCN, VUMC, VieCurie, MUMC+, Antonius Nieuwegein, AMCNeuroscience institutes: Donders Institute, Human genetics department, RadboudUMC.
Other: Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR), Leiden

Massachusetts General Hospital, Dept of Neurology, Boston, USA
University Hospital Bruxelles, Belgium
Institute of Neurobiology, Düsseldorf, Germany

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